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E-prescribing vision

RxScribbler is developed and maintained by Scriptnetics Inc., a company established in 1999, that has developed and continues to maintain Healthcare management software. Scriptnetics also has a number of other related medical and other software programs including it flagship product Medscribbler an EMR, electronic medical record, that was the first EMR to be designed and built specifically for the handwriting capabilities of the Tablet PC. Medscribbler is well known and is marketed and distributed in the United States, Canada and Europe.

The vision with RxScribbler is to continue leveraging the newer handwriting technologies to bring healthcare providers an easy to use portable prescribing device that is inexpensive but combines all the essential tasks for safe, accurate scripts.

To make the vision a reality Scriptnetics Inc. through RxScribbler will:

  • focus on the ultra mobile personal computer (UMPC) with handwriting and wireless capabilities.
  • continually search for and incorporate the best technology and information available to give the most up to date prescribing experience possible
  • develop a "ground up" marketing strategy that emphasizes full disclosure pricing, truthful marketing claims and no pressure sales calls.
  • Focus on replacing paper's physical nature by mimicking paper's current work flow to replace physical work flow with electronic work flow.
Getting you there sooner! RxScribbler Internet RASP edition $279/yr RxScribbler Office Server edition $189/yr
Handwriting on a UMPC RxScribbler will run on all Tablet PCs and UMPC devices and is compatible with keyboard only laptops and desktops.
Enhanced wireless capabilities The UMPC goes anywhere and does anything that your current computer can do, accomplishing what many and varied portable devices do today.

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